How to play video games on a smart TV

Abiding its policy of integrating pretty much the whole thing into itself, the Smart TV also has a limited choice of games, available as downloadable applications, for the playing delight.

Now, the times of downloading ‘Tekken Vs. Street Fighter’ or the modern ‘Resident Evil’ on to your TV are some distance away certainly, so you’ll yet need your PS3, Xbox or Wii for the time being. Furthermore, none of the games on offer (with the likely exemption of that massively addictive ‘Angry Birds’) will equal the gaming skill already available on your consoles, but that doesn’t denote that the choice of games available in your Smart TV come in any way incomplete. There are simulation games, puzzle games, card games and lots more also. Once again, Smart TV is making great improvements to a tried and true area of TV (as anybody who ever loved the old ‘Teletext’ games will confirm).

One more much-maligned type of amusement regularly patrolled by ‘fun police’ is video games (see our first article for details). Which began using a simple misunderstanding, one stating that video games were solely for kids.

Now, this wasn’t firstly true but it is not true today, but there is an era where consoles and peripherals were principally geared towards kids and juvenile teenagers. Then of course, the cultural watchdogs backlashed against gaming in much the same way they did against movies in the 70’s, music by the 60’s and comic books in the 50’s.

For our General gamer knows implicitly that a number of games are designed with adults at heart (these tend to be the ones that have the title spelled out in blood, or the choices to gut hookers for extra points) while some are made for children (its a hint if no one really tries to slay you over the course of the game and you’ll complete it in a matter of hours) just like movies, books and everything else it is possible to imagine, most are catered for. The games you will find on your Smart TV are typically pretty simple and the great thing about downloadable apps is, if you have any difficulty at all with lurid game content available, then basically don’t download it.

Right then, let’s take a look at some of those games you can download on your Smart TV (NOTE: Please do remember that not all games are similar with all models, so the games discussed below are just a variety that I find fascinating. If you’re after a specific game for the Smart TV, be sure you purchase a TV that will be able to play it).

‘Texas Holdem’ is the poker sim that lets you play games of virtual poker, either against the computer or your friends. As far as I know, no actual money changes hands in TH, but it’s advisable to double check that before you bet your mortgage (even though you possess a straight flush). One more game that is great fun to experience with mates is ‘Dynamic Bowling’. DB is another simulation that lets you, yep, you guessed it, go bowling. This game could be played alone or with friends. My advice would be to practice in the home and dazzle your friends by bowling a perfect game. ‘Bejewelled 2’ is the sequel to that trendy ‘Bejewelled’ a game which has enchanted and addicted my very own father for about three years now. Bejewelled (which I will not break down to initials for evident reasons!) is addictive, stimulating, challenging and, above all, enjoyable.

So here you go. I’m certain that, when the months and years go on, an incredible many other gaming apps might be added to the Smart TV’s options. Watch this space!