Samsung Make every type of Television’s and this 22-inch Smart Telly is one to bear in mind

HBO isn’t TV, apparently, which implies that Television is not HBO by designation. Though that slogan works or does not work (and we could almost certainly go a number of rounds over that one), one thing that Television certainly is (at the very least nowadays) is SMART.


The standard television, I imagine distressed at being derided as an ‘idiot box’ for this long, has at last unequivocal to ‘wise up’. In brief, a smart Television can now present many of the same functions as a pc or tablet, which is great when you have people over and wish to watch ‘The Best of Failblog’ on Netflix. Continue reading »

The Samsung 42 inch Smart TV that offers too much and takes very little

It is an easy mistake to make I presume. I work in the dark and, as a outcome, am often barely getting up at midday. At the time of writing, it’s just gone 4AM (and I do not expect to get asleep for a minimum one more hour). So, I sleepily say goodbye to my gf as she gets up for work at 7AM after which I doze until about 10.30 or 11.00, before getting up and going to work on my ‘fun’ campaigns like web comics, novels and attending online writing seminars. Continue reading »

Sony 42 inches of pure brilliance

Similar to lots of people reading this, I take pleasure in the festival of Christmas time a great deal.


Though I’m not religious (actually, I have regularly described myself like the ‘spiritually inclined’ atheist – albeit I’ve taken to observing all eight Pagan Sabbats over the course of this year), I still view Christmas time as the joyous time being spent with family, friends and those you think as belonging to the adjoining ring of the ‘inner circle’. Continue reading »

How to play video games on a smart TV

Abiding its policy of integrating pretty much the whole thing into itself, the Smart TV also has a limited choice of games, available as downloadable applications, for the playing delight.

Now, the times of downloading ‘Tekken Vs. Street Fighter’ or the modern ‘Resident Evil’ on to your TV are some distance away certainly, so you’ll yet need your PS3, Xbox or Wii for the time being. Furthermore, none of the games on offer (with the likely exemption of that massively addictive ‘Angry Birds’) will equal the gaming skill already available on your consoles, but that doesn’t denote that the choice of games available in your Smart TV come in any way incomplete. There are simulation games, puzzle games, card games and lots more also. Once again, Smart TV is making great improvements to a tried and true area of TV (as anybody who ever loved the old ‘Teletext’ games will confirm). Continue reading »

A Panasonic 32-Inch TV to consider

Yearly on Halloween, my home is radiant with peculiar excitement as I join my long-suffering girlfriend (including a small collection of friends) for the night of classic horror movies. The usual suspects all get an exposure, (those same ones we’ve always watched), like the initial F.W Murnau ‘Nosferatu’, ‘The Shining’, ‘Ring’ (The Hideo Nakata version, naturally) and others still.


Clutching tightly onto out bowls of popcorn or bags of candy, we all meet round and try to get worked up about movies we have viewed a billion times previous. Continue reading »