Airborne Systems

Airborne systems usually require a greater degree of ruggedization than land or ship based systems. Extended temperature operation and survival are also important features of airborne systems. Primagraphics can provide systems designed to meet these needs, at various levels of ruggedization. Examples of Primagraphics’ airborne products include:

  • Bulldog, a Level 4 conduction cooled video overlay generator.
  • VxPoint, a Level 3 semi-ruggedized video crosspoint switch card.
  • Primagraphics’ CAT processor card and Lion multilayer display controller are available as a Level 3 ruggedized single-slot 6U VME assembly.
  • Viper VIU, a Level 3 semi-ruggedized single-channel video standards converter. Viper VIU is based on Primagraphics’ Viper video windows board.
  • 3/4 ATR Long Tall Enclosure with five slot VME Backplane.

Many other Primagraphics boards have been specified and successfully used in airborne applications, including the Vantage II radar scan converter and Virgo++ radar input card.