Radar Acquisition and Scan Conversion

Radar Acquisition

Primagraphics has an extensive range of radar interface cards in VME, PMC and PCI form factors for the acquisition of primary radar data. Our engineers have successfully interfaced to many different types of ship-borne, airborne and land based radars (see Known Radar Systems, below). A wide range of radar interface formats are supported, including:

  • Analogue ACP/ARP
  • RADDS (MIL-STD-751B)
  • ASDE-3
  • AN/UYA-4
  • AN/UYQ-21
  • Synchro/Resolver

The Osprey is Primagraphics’ latest generation of radar acquisition card. It comes in a PMC form factor, complementing our existing Virgo PCI (full-length PCI form factor) and Virgo++ (single slot VME form factor) cards.

Radar Scan Conversion

Primagraphics are a world leader in radar scan conversion technology with field-proven reverse scan conversion algorithms that ensure the displayed image contains no holes or spokes at any zoom factor. Special logic is used to provide real time programmable fading of the display, digitally simulating the phosphor decay of a traditional radar console.

The Eagle is the latest in a long generation of Radar Scan Converter boards. It comes in a PMC form factor and is a member of the Hawkeye product family. The Eagle may be combined with the Osprey to form a single-slot VME solution.

PCI cards are available as part of our Metro product family. Family members include the Advantage Radar Scan Converter, which is a full-length PCI card, capable of display resolutions up to 1600×1200. The Advantage card combines scan-converted radar windows with underlay and overlay graphics generated by a standard DVI output PC graphics card. Also available is the Advantage 2K card, which interfaces directly to the Tech Source Raptor 2100 graphics card to provide support for ultra high resolution displays at 2048×2048. Monitors such as the 20″x20″ Sony DDM (Data Display Monitor) are supported, the latter being commonly used in Air Traffic Control (ATC) applications.

The Vantage II Radar Scan Converter is a single slot VME card which may be combined with our Virgo++ radar interface card to provide a standalone radar acquisition and display solution. Alternatively, the Vantage II may be integrated as part of a CAT based system.

All Primagraphics radar acquisition and scan conversion products may be used as part of a distributed system.

Radar Head Monitor Systems

Primagraphics offer a range of Radar Head Monitor (RHM) systems. Primagraphics RHM systems may be PMC, PCI or VME based and where required, can be supplied fully integrated (including PC or CPU card, chassis, etc.) and incorporating off-the-shelf user interface software, such as our Metroview radar display application.

Known Radar Systems

Primagraphics engineers have a working knowledge of many different radar systems, including:

  • BAe Defence Systems (now AMS) AR15M, AR327 Commander
  • Bharat 1245
  • Cardion (now Target Corporation) AN/SPS-55
  • Elta EL/M2218S, EL/M2221 GM STRG
  • Ericsson Sea Giraffe 50 HC, Sea Giraffe 150 HC/CPF (AN/SPS-505)
  • Furuno 900
  • Hughes Mk 23 TAS (Target Acquisition System), AN/SPS-52
  • ITT Industries AN/SPN-35, AN/SPS-48
  • Kelvin Hughes Type 1006 (KH-1006), Type 1007 (KH-1007)
  • Lockheed Martin AN/APS-145, AN/SPS-40, AN/TPS-73
  • Marconi Type 901, Type 909, Type 992, Type 996, Type 1022, Type 1802, Type 1810, Type LN 66, Type S511
  • MSSC (DRS / Signaal) SCOUT
  • Norden Systems (now Northrop Grumman) AN/SPS-67
  • Northrop Grumman ARSR-1, ARSR-2, ARSR-3, ARSR-4, ASDE-3, ASDE-X
  • Philips Sea Giraffe 50 HC, 9LV 200, 9LV 331
  • Plessey AWS-2, AWS-4, AWS-9, Type 904, Type 993, Type 994, Type 996
  • Racal Decca Type BT-502, Type 1006, Type 1226, Type 1229, Type 1290, Type 2459
  • Raytheon AN/SPS-10, AN/SPS-49, AN/SPS-64, AN/SPS-65, AN/SPY-1B, ASR-7, ASR-8, ASR-9, ASR-11 DASR, Pathfinder Series
  • SAM (STN Atlas Marine) Electronics 9600
  • Selenia (now AMS) RTN-10X Orion, SPG-74 (RTN-20X Dardo), RTN-30X Orion, RAN-105, SPS-768 (RAN-3L), SPS-774 (RAN-10S),
  • Siemens Plessey (now AMS) Watchman
  • Signaal (now Thales Nederland) DA-02, DA-05, DA-08, LW-02, LW-08, MW-08, SMART-L, SMART-S, STIR-180, STIR-240, ZW-03, ZW-06
  • SMA (now AMS) SPS-702, SPN-728, SPN-748, SPS-748
  • Sperry VPS-2
  • Telephonics AN/APS-143, AN/APS-147
  • Terma Scanter PN-612, 20T/48 Super
  • Thomson-CSF (now Thales) Aladin ANGD, DRBC 21, DRBC 32, DRBC 33, DRBI 10, DRBI 23, DRBJ 11, DRBN 32, DRBV 15 Sea Tiger, DRBV 21 Mars, DRBV 22, DRBV 23, DRBV 51, DRUA 33 Calypso, TRS 2215 Centaure, TRS 3001, TRS 3033 Triton S, TRS 3050 Triton G, TRS 3220 Pollux
  • Westinghouse (now Northrup Grumman) AN/SPS-6, AN/SPS-58